Restaurant Industry Changes

Restaurant Industry Changes

Many restaurants are seeing a decline in business over the last two years. Various Owners have been telling us similar stories. Over the last two years, business has been declining. It is not just their business but other owners telling them the same story.

The real question is why?

Food Delivery Services are creating a new opportunity for clients to eat their favorite meals while never leaving their house. Which means fewer clients are entering the business establishment to sit down for a meal. Less money is being generated from various upsells like alcohol or dessert. But what does this mean?

  • More Choices for Clients
  • More Information for Clients
  • Reduction in tips for servers (Quality of Service or a Raise in Their Future).
  • No more crying kids in restaurants.

You will begin to see a shift in restaurants as they shrink their seating areas and increase their delivery options. The focus for restaurants will be advertising their business and the quality of their product. In the age of information, one bad meal can equal a large loss in potential revenues. As clients leave reviews or simply elect to eat from your competitor moving forward.

The future of restaurants is a small seating area with a large kitchen. Providing the amenities to their delivery and to-go clients not just the clients in the store. Aiming the deliver on all fronts. While their delivery service partners aim to increase the quality of food which is delivered. Keeping the food warm and delivering as expected.

Remember the entire economy is moving to an on-demand business model which will affect all business models. Even the ones we least expect.