Content Marketing

Content Trend Changes 2018

Looking at the where people spend their time online and what they do clearly shows us a trend. As technology has improved so has our speed of the connection between us. This has allowed access to information which would have been unappealing on dial-up to become readily available.

In the beginning, the internet was about reading the text and very few photos.

Then we found ways to present more photos by compressing them. Which allowed us to share more photos and become picture based using infographics and charts to display information in a more appealing fashion. This spurred websites like Flickr and Instagram.

Now we have moved past photos and into Video with websites like Youtube & Snapchat growing in popularity. More and more people are watching videos instead of looking through photos.

Think about getting videos made about your business… Catch your client’s attention where they spend their time.

In the future, we will be moving toward Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. This is very exciting with 360 videos.